Resthave Moves into the Future

Celebrating the beginning of a new construction or remodeling project is always exciting. There is the thrill of taking a long-planned step forward. The effort to complete the task is gratifying. A sense of empowerment accompanies the creation of a new space.

Such was the case at Resthave Nursing & Retirement Home, 408 Maple Avenue, Morrison, IL, on Tuesday, August 7, 2012. The Resident Council officers, seated above, wore appropriate safety headgear for the event.

Shown left-to-right are Hubert Londo, Wayne Farrell, Irene Dyke, Marvin Dykema, Ida Balk, and Millie VanOosten. All residents comprise the Resident Council. They offer input, suggestions, or compliments and are informed about events at the care facility.

Next, residents and staff posed for a photograph with shovels.

Below left, The Honorable John Hauptman, who is Resthave Board President, offered a few words to mark the occasion as a “new era” which is “important to Resthave.” He praised the “volunteer Board” who “put in a lot of time, reflection, thought, and homework. They really have the interest of this home.” Medical Director is Dr. Mark Woods. Board members include Carolyn Aiken, Rollie Ebbers, Darlene Eckland, Phil Eckland, Anne Frame, Judge Hauptman, Doug Leech, Jerry Lindsey, and Jane Pessman. Not present were Sug Austin, Mary Lou Renwick, and Marge Schleuning.

Next, he acknowledged the consulting help from Revere Health Care Corporation and Thad Gleason for his architectural plans.

At right is Ian Lamp, Vice President of Marketing and Sales at Lamp Incorporated. This construction firm will manage the new addition. He presented Judge Hauptman with the “official ceremonial shovel.” It was not used for the “official ceremonial digging.”

Shortly after noon, 11 Board members and Resthave staff broke ground for the construction of an extensive Assisted Living and Sheltered Care addition. They were guided along the three-step procedure by Lamp. Shown left-to-right, they were Phil Eckland, Darlene Eckland, Rollie Ebbers, Tami Tegeler, Jane Pessman, Carolyn Aiken, Doug Leech, Dr. Woods, Jerry Lindsey, Judge Hauptman, and Anne Frame.

New licensing allowed for reorganization and the provision of additional services. Plus, as Board member Frame stated, “We’ll hire 20 to 25 people. That is good for Morrison.”

The expected opening is Summer 2014, bringing the accommodations to 107 beds. The Retirement section is currently at 21 units, but will nearly double to 37 as the new “Assisted Living” section. Director of Nursing Eva Dykstra explained there are now 49 Nursing beds; this will grow to 70. The new “Nursing” section will offer Medicare-certified Skilled beds. Four double rooms will be available.

Current residents may request a move to the new units, but the decision depends upon their care needs. They “will receive a few more services for the daily living in the Assisted Living unit, versus Sheltered Care,” stated Dykstra.

There are waiting lists for both options, and there have been increased calls since publicity began. The average stay at Resthave Retirement & Nursing Home is eight years.

After the dirt digging and tossing, golden shovels were gathered by Project Superintendent Steve Werling, who works for Lamp Incorporated. This management, construction, and design and build firm has been “building a tradition of quality construction since 1932.”