Lamp Renovating Carpentersville Middle School, Continuing 60 Plus Year Relationship


In 1952, Lamp Construction built Dundee Community High School, a part of Community Unit School District 300. Area population decline in 1982 changed the building to Carpentersville Middle School (CMS). Recent growth over the years on the east side of the district has led to our latest renovation project, converting CMS from a 7th and 8th grade building to a 6th through 8th grade building. In order to make room for these additional students, renovations are required. We are proud to be the Construction Manager on this project.

We will be renovating 15,500 square feet of shop areas into classrooms. The project budget is $2,300,000.00 and is scheduled to be completed by the end of July in time for the start of school.

We have been working with Community Unit School District 300 for more than 60 years. We love returning to a building that we originally built and has withstood the test of time. We also love partnering with previous clients—it demonstrates their trust in our ability to do excellent work. Chuck Bumbales, Assistant Superintendent of Operations for CUSD 300, states in a letter of recommendation, “In our estimation, the great strength that Lamp has brought to our projects is in the area of site supervision and project scheduling,” and “The schedules provided by Lamp are extremely detailed and all projects have been delivered on time or ahead of schedule,” and finally, “Lamp maintains excellent communication with building staff and district administration. During construction we met weekly on-site to view progress, solve construction related issues, and coordinate building needs and challenges. Lamp anticipates issues, provides appropriate timelines for project adjustments, and provides detailed minutes of the project needs.” Thank you for your kind words, Chuck!



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