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Written by Suzanne Baker, The Courier News. June 30, 2014


19 School Parking Lots Getting a Facelift

The parking lots of 19 schools in Community Consolidated School District 300 are getting a much-needed makeover this summer.

District 300 Assistant Superintendent of Operations Chuck Bumbales said this past winter was particularly harsh on school parking lots throughout the district. He said work already has begun repairing the lots filled with potholes.

The $3.3 million project to fix the holes ranges anywhere from completely tearing out all asphalt surfaces at one school to paving small areas at other schools.

Among the lots getting work done are:

  • Hampshire Middle School
  • Algonquin Lakes
  • deLacey Family Education Center in Carpentersville
  • Dundee Highlands Elementary in West Dundee
  • Eastview Elementary in Algonquin
  • Hampshire Elementary in Hampshire
  • Hampshire Middle in Hampshire
  • Lake in the Hills in Lake in the Hills
  • Liberty in Carpentersville
  • Lincoln Prairie Elementary in Lake in the Hills
  • Perry Elementary in Carpentersville
  • Sleepy Hollow Elementary in Sleepy Hollow
  • Golfview Elementary in Carpentersville
  • Neubert Elementary in Algonquin
  • Parkview Elementary in Carpentersville
  • Lakewood Elementary in Carpentersville
  • Algonquin Middle in Algonquin
  • Westfield Community School in Algonquin — (track original to the building)
  • Dundee-Crown High School in Carpentersville
  • Jacobs High School in Algonquin.

In addition to parking lots, Golden Eagle Drive adjacent to Jacobs High School will get facelift to repair the numerous potholes.

While the top layer of asphalt was ground away in the parking lot at Parkview Elementary School in Carpentersville, the community still was able to use the lot for public parking at the Rock the Fox Music Festival June 27-29 in town. Drivers did have to navigate the lighted traffic sawhorses marking the manholes that jutted up from the scraped surface.

The paving work was bid in early March, and the School Boards approved the bids from the lowest contractors in April.

Contracts went to Abbey Paving Co. for $1.8 million, Schroeder Asphalt Services for $371,685, Arrow Road Construction for $647,095 and Accu-Paving for $240,065. The total amount for all contracts, including oversight services from Lamp Inc. and allowances for unforeseen conditions, was $3.3 million.

Money for the work will be paid out of District 300’s Capital Projects Fund.

The budget established for this work was $3,516,281.