Faculty and Students Impressed with Huntley High School Renovations


We couldn’t be more proud to hear such great feedback regarding the Huntley High School renovations.

One of many large changes was the addition of the field house. This 55,000 square foot structure features multiple courts, an indoor track, and all the space the athletes need to get ready for games. Principal Scott Rowe toured the new facilities recently and share a kind quote with the Northwest Herald. Rowe stated, “It’s very surreal that it’s actually even happening. I’m humbled by how massive of a project it’s been and how smoothy it’s gone”. You can read the rest of Rowe’s statements and the Northwest Herald’s full article here.

Another major renovation phase included the new Learning Resource Center. It was designed to be a modern, technologically advanced, collaborative area for students to take advantage of technology. While books are still readily available, the goal was to provide students with the tools to learn that match the 21st century. “If you’re wondering what the library of the future looks like, this is it,” stated Huntley District 158 Superintendent John Burkey in a recent article from the Daily Herald. To read the full Daily Herald article, click here.

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Lamp Selected to Manage Fox River Grove Public Works Facility


We are pleased to announce that we will be the Construction Manager for the new Fox River Grove Public Works facility, working with Batavia-based architects Kluber Architect +Engineers, Inc. The facility will be 11,000 square feet, and plans include an all-brick building to keep regular maintenance costs down over time.

The building is expected to cost between $2.7 and $2.9 million. It will be located between Hillcrest and Lincoln avenues across from the existing wastewater treatment plant. Some features of the site plan include:

  • An entrance vestibule
  • Administration section
  • Staff work space
  • A conference room area
  • Four pull-through apparatus bays will offer easy in-and-out access for public works vehicles

The site plan for the project was approved at the Village Board meeting in July. Currently the project is in the design phase, with the Village Board holding meetings to discuss design layouts and to allow residents to learn more about the facility. Learn more in the Northwest Herald.

We are excited to be managing the construction of this project, and we look forward to sharing the progress as we go!

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6 Construction Trends: The Tech (and Green) Boom is Here


At Lamp Inc, we’re proud to complete building projects with four simple words: “On time, on budget.” This is largely thanks to our team, but we also have to give credit to technology and the way it’s made our jobs easier.

If you’re hoping to catch the start of the tech boom in construction, you’ll need a time machine. We’re in it. The boom is here. Combine that with the increased focus on the environment, and it’s apparent that we’re in the midst of a building phase that’s unlike anything that’s come before it.

Here are a few trends we’ve spotted recently. And to add a little fun, we also threw in a few predictions too.

Going Green

1. It starts with the equipment.
Cars aren’t the only things minding fuel efficiency and emissions standards. The push for environmentally-conscious construction equipment is significant.

And as with many green trends, there’s a twofold benefit if utilized correctly. Obviously, machinery with reduced footprints helps Mother Earth. But spending less on gas can help the wallet get a little greener, too.

2. Residential and commercial buildings will get passive.

We’re busting out our crystal ball for this section. Passive spaces are growing steadily in Europe, and they’re just now starting to gain traction here in the States.

The design process is completely integrated with the architectural design of the structure. The result is an extremely low energy building that requires a fraction of the heating and cooling that a standard structure would need.

3. Kids dig micro.

Does living in a broom closet sound appealing to you? If so, you might be a Millenial. The cost and carbon footprint of living in a micro-apartment are fittingly microscopic.

This is a trend that’s going mainstream, so you’d be wise to adjust now. From coast to coast, cities like Boston, Nashville and San Francisco have begun to approve these diminutive nests.

Embracing Tech

1. 3D printing is real, and it’s spectacular.

It’s not hyperbole to claim that it might be the future of construction. We’re a notoriously conservative industry, of course, so it will take time to really see 3D take off here.

But when it does, look out. We’re talking faster project planning, happier clients, and massive financial and environmental savings.

5. Geo-fencing can change the payroll game.

Know what’s not easy? Figuring out who gets paid what. Know what’s way easier? Letting an app do it for you.

A geo-fence (you can tell it’s a new word because it’s still hyphenated) is a digital barrier. It uses GPS to track objects (like cell phones). That means we can instantly know when employees are on- and off-site. Magic.

What other trends have you seen? What’s your big prediction for something we’ll see next?

Let us know in the comments.