Faculty and Students Impressed with Huntley High School Renovations


We couldn’t be more proud to hear such great feedback regarding the Huntley High School renovations.

One of many large changes was the addition of the field house. This 55,000 square foot structure features multiple courts, an indoor track, and all the space the athletes need to get ready for games. Principal Scott Rowe toured the new facilities recently and share a kind quote with the Northwest Herald. Rowe stated, “It’s very surreal that it’s actually even happening. I’m humbled by how massive of a project it’s been and how smoothy it’s gone”. You can read the rest of Rowe’s statements and the Northwest Herald’s full article here.

Another major renovation phase included the new Learning Resource Center. It was designed to be a modern, technologically advanced, collaborative area for students to take advantage of technology. While books are still readily available, the goal was to provide students with the tools to learn that match the 21st century. “If you’re wondering what the library of the future looks like, this is it,” stated Huntley District 158 Superintendent John Burkey in a recent article from the Daily Herald. To read the full Daily Herald article, click here.

You can stay tuned to all of the Huntley project updates here.