Lamp Renovating Carpentersville Middle School, Continuing 60 Plus Year Relationship


In 1952, Lamp Construction built Dundee Community High School, a part of Community Unit School District 300. Area population decline in 1982 changed the building to Carpentersville Middle School (CMS). Recent growth over the years on the east side of the district has led to our latest renovation project, converting CMS from a 7th and 8th grade building to a 6th through 8th grade building. In order to make room for these additional students, renovations are required. We are proud to be the Construction Manager on this project.

We will be renovating 15,500 square feet of shop areas into classrooms. The project budget is $2,300,000.00 and is scheduled to be completed by the end of July in time for the start of school.

We have been working with Community Unit School District 300 for more than 60 years. We love returning to a building that we originally built and has withstood the test of time. We also love partnering with previous clients—it demonstrates their trust in our ability to do excellent work. Chuck Bumbales, Assistant Superintendent of Operations for CUSD 300, states in a letter of recommendation, “In our estimation, the great strength that Lamp has brought to our projects is in the area of site supervision and project scheduling,” and “The schedules provided by Lamp are extremely detailed and all projects have been delivered on time or ahead of schedule,” and finally, “Lamp maintains excellent communication with building staff and district administration. During construction we met weekly on-site to view progress, solve construction related issues, and coordinate building needs and challenges. Lamp anticipates issues, provides appropriate timelines for project adjustments, and provides detailed minutes of the project needs.” Thank you for your kind words, Chuck!



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Lamp Incorporated hired as Construction Manager for the Naperville Park District – Knoch Park Central Maintenance Facility

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We are excited to be working as Construction Manager on the Naperville Park District Knoch Park Central Maintenance Facility. The facility is located at 427 Martin Avenue in Naperville, Illinois. For this project, we will be managing the construction of a new 25,000 square foot central maintenance facility, including the public works garage and shop areas, and administrative office areas. Various site improvements are also associated within this project scope.

The bid process is complete. Construction will begin this summer, after Rib Fest and the project is scheduled to be completed by May 2017. Renderings of the new building are shown below. Current buildings will be demolished to make way for the stylish new building, which will address issues of ADA accessibility and work-life safety.

Read more about the project background and plan from the Naperville Park District.

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What We Learned at the AGC/CFMA Conference

The Construction industry is constantly evolving, with new technology, new IT systems, better and more efficient practices, and even generational differences in employees and recruits. It’s easy to go about your day-to-day business, but it’s vital to step back occasionally to look at the big picture—how are things changing, and how does your company need to adjust to the changes to be successful?

Steven Lamp, Secretary/Treasurer of Lamp, recently attended the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC)/Construction Financial Management Association (CFMA) conference. We love the opportunity to keep Lamp at the cutting edge of what is happening in construction, the financial implications, and how we as a company can establish best practices within the industry.

Steven had so many takeaways from this valuable session. Here are just a few pivotal current trends and risks worth the construction industry’s attention.

1. Succession and Labor is changing. As the construction industry continues to grow stronger, new labor joining the industry doesn’t seem to be keeping up with the trend. The older generation is retiring, so it will be important to focus on recruiting successors. Equally important will be training them so they are prepared. Recruitment and training alone could put your company at a competitive advantage.

2. Acceptance of change within an organization is important. We live in an age where everything is changing—technology is changing everything. As a result, IT changes, efficiency systems change, and the way we do everything changes. Your organization must be positioned to embrace change. To do this, you must effectively communicate with your organization. People have a natural tendency to reject the new. You can shift that tendency through your communication—focus on the value of change, answering “why” questions. The more the organization understands why you are doing things, the less fear they will have. Also, those who are affected by change should be involved in the communication. You can build up a well of support if you communicate effectively.

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Our President Meets with Governor Rauner


Ian Lamp, the President here at Lamp Inc., talked with Governor Rauner at the Illinois Construction Industry Committee (ICIC) Legislative Reception.



The ICIC is an organization of more than 13 construction associations. They speak as one on construction issues to the legislature and administration. Ian Lamp is the President of the ICIC.

Mr. Lamp is also the President of Fox Valley Associated General Contractors (AGC). (We know, he is quite impressive.) The Fox Valley AGC stays active in legislative and other government affairs. They provide leadership and assistance to the areas of: labor relations, legislation and government affairs, educational programs and training programs in construction. Fox Valley AGC also creates networking and social activities throughout the year for it’s members, like the ICIC Legislative Reception.