Anderson Animal Shelter Reveals Renovations – Daily Herald


Written By Brian Hill, Daily Herald. November 22, 2014

South Elgin animal shelter unveils renovations

Anderson Animal Shelter reopened Saturday following a comprehensive remodeling which began about three months ago.

Changes include new caging for dogs and cats, new flooring throughout the shelter, new plumbing and a new logo and website.

“This was a huge undertaking,” Executive Director Beth Drake said before the grand reopening, “but we couldn’t be happier. The shelter looks absolutely amazing, and the changes in the animals are all positive. They are calmer (and quieter) in their new cages. It will really make a difference in their overall health and adoptability.”

“It’s a completely different building and it’s awesome.” said volunteer Barb Hannan of Elgin, who was working with the cats in their new living space. “It’s much better for everyone.”

In addition to the shelter redesign, Anderson has also undergone a change in animal housing philosophy with many of the animals moved to foster homes to reduce the population at the shelter. With fewer animals to care for, shelter staff can focus on the individual needs of each animal.

“This means that our animals are emotionally and physically healthier, and this has had a positive impact on our adoptions,” Drake said, nothing that since the policy change in June adoption rates have increased 40 percent.

For more information on the shelter, call (847) 697-2880.