Lamp Staff Provides Holiday Gifts to Two Families


Gallup’s recent poll reveals the average American family plans to spend $908 on Christmas gifts this year. While most relish in the holiday spirit, there are many who dread the cheer and festivities. In Elgin and specifically in Lamp Inc’s immediate neighborhood, the poverty rate is upwards of 60%. Holiday presents are a luxury many of our neighbors just cannot afford. That’s when it hit us; the staff at Lamp decided to take this opportunity and make the holidays bright for several local families in Elgin.

In partnership with the Boys & Girls Club of Elgin, our staff adopted two families who were struggling significantly this holiday. In total, 17 people will receive a gift this holiday, plus each family will receive a $250 Jewel gift card to cover grocery costs. This spirit of giving really united our team and so we decided not to stop there—an additional 20 families will also receive $100 Jewel gift cards so that they too can enjoy a holiday meal.

We’re tremendously proud of our staff and owe them a big THANK YOU for rallying around people in need in our community.

This holiday, we encourage you to share the giving feeling . Contact the Boys & Girls Club of Elgin to see how you can help!